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Thank you for your interest in Children's Homes, Inc. We are a faith-based organization that provides therapeutic care for children and families in need through family-style residential care, foster care, and adoptive services.

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Reaching out to children and families for more than 50 years!
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Our History

Children's Homes, Inc., of Paragould (CHI) began in 1955, with the care of four children. It was established to provide a Christian home for children whose parents cannot care for them because of death, separation, abandonment, illness or some other reason. The agency was begun as a part of the benevolent work of the Seventh and Mueller Church of Christ in Paragould. This agency is now being helped by many congregations and many individuals.

Children' Homes was incorporated in the Circuit Court of Greene County, Arkansas, on September 21, 1956, with the elders of the Seventh and Mueller congregation as its Board of Directors.

The first permanent cottage owned by CHI opened on January 1, 1959. There are now nine family-style residential cottages on the campus. In an effort to lessen the negative aspects of the institutional care, family-style housing is used. Each living unit has a husband and wife who serve as full-time group home parents to provide the parental role models and guidance needed by the children.

In July of 1969, Children's Homes received authority from the State Welfare Department to place children in foster homes and for adoption. CHI became the first agency in the state to receive a formal placement license for children.

In addition to the nine cottages in Paragould, there is also a foster-family style residential home in North Little Rock. In 1992, Children's Homes began a group home for children in North Little Rock. Children’s Homes provides placement and counseling services for children placed there.

Children’s Homes does not receive financial support from the Department of Human Services or from the federal government. On occasion the Department of Human Services, when referring a child, will provide a small amount for the original clothing purchased for a child and will pay for the psychological evaluation and medical check-up through Medicaid. Since new children are constantly coming into care, and costs continue to rise, we must continue to contact non-supporting congregations and individuals seeking support for the care of children.

Our financial information is available to the general public. CHI is audited annually by an outside CPA firm. Their representatives meet regularly with our staff and annually with our board of directors. Our funds are used in the following areas:

  • 60% - Direct Child Care
  • 29% - Support Services (salaries, utilities, repairs, insurance, training, etc.)
  • 11% - Publicity and Development

Since our founding, over 2,200 children have received substitute family care. Children receive care in private foster homes, residential family education homes, and adoptive homes.

Children's Homes, Inc. is a charitable, non-profit organization according to the U.S. Treasury Department. Contributions are deductible by donors as provided in section 170 of the Code.


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Children's Homes, Inc.

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